All badge accessories are available
for immediate delivery.

Standard Rigid Badge Holders

Badge Accessories—multiple colored badge holders These heavy-duty badge holders are available in three colors: white, black, and clear. They can be ordered in a horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) format. They are designed to allow the ID card to easily slide in and out of the holder, yet maintain the card securely and visibly. We can also procure custom-colored badge holders if that is required.
Close-up of Badge Holder

Reinforced Badge Holders

Badge Accessories—clear reinforced badge holdersThese reinforced badge holders are made of clear, hard plastic. They have a clear plastic front, protecting both the front and the back of the ID card. They are available for ordering in a horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) format. The ID card can be easily slid in and out of the holder.
Close-up of Reinforced Rigid Badge Holder

Arm Band Badge Holders

ID armband holderThese rugged badge holders are made of clear, strong vinyl. They have a wide elastic black strap to keep the badge in position. The ID card can be easily slid in and out of the h1840-7201_LRolder, and the vinyl pouch protects the ID card from the environment. These badge holders are particularly appreciated
by employees who move around a lot, and must keep their badge out of the way.
Close-up of Arm Band Badge Holder


Badge Accessories—multi-colored badge lanyardsLanyards are by far the most popular way to carry ID cards in a convenient yet visible manner. Our sturdy, comfortable lanyards come in white, black and blue, and available for immediate delivery.


Badge Accessories—Badge Clips for id cardsOur clips provide an easy and unobtrusive way to display an ID card for those who prefer not to wear it around their necks. Clips allow easy attachment to pockets, belts, and lapels without damaging clothing. These are probably the most commonly used, low-cost method of attaching a badge.
Close-up of Clip-on Badge Holder

Magnetic Badge Holder

Badge Accessories—Magnetic Badge Holder ClipsMagnetic badge holders allow employees to display their ID cards on their clothing without pin-holes or damage. One part of the badge holder attaches to the back of the card with a strong, permanent adhesive. The other part holds it firmly in place through the pocket or other material.
Size: 1 3/4″ x 1/2″.
Close-up of Magnetic Clip/Badge-holder

Zip Reels

Badge Accessories—Zip reel for Badge HoldersZip reels have a retractable cord for attaching the ID card to a beltloop, and making it easy to extend the card for swiping to enter a building, or for swiping in a time clock. Reels are available in black.