InstantCard brings you all the benefits of an ID card program
without the hassle.

• Professionalismbenefits: professionalism

Make sure that your employees and representatives project a highly professional image when they meet clients and prospects. Many companies still use laminated paper badges, which look cheap, don’t last long, and are easily copied. Some businesses still don’t issue ID badges at all.

ID badges increase trust between your customers and employees.

• Security

Customers are becoming increasingly wary of dealing with people who present themselves as employees of a company. A professional Photo ID card eliminates any doubt that the individual is an authorized representative of the firm.

Increase the security in your company or school by ensuring that everyone on-site is authorized to be there.

We offer man options—from security overlays, to holographic images, to “ghosted” photos. These make cards near to impossible to counterfeit.  Whatever your security needs, we’ve got you covered.

security options

• Scalability

Our customers range from the smallest companies requiring just a few cards up to multinationals producing tens of thousands of cards over hundreds of sites. If your organization has multiple locations dispersed geographically, the advantages of using the InstantCard system are multiplied. A wide range of services are built into the system meeting the specific needs of multi-site corporations.

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Benefits to Multi-Site Corporations

• Support

Above all, we’re always here to help. You can call or email us for help or assistance at any time. Rather than simply being left on your own by a hardware salesman, we’re always available—in six months, a year, or more—no matter what. Need a refresher on how the system works? Handing over to someone else? Want to add a new feature? No problem… We’ll be there for you.

Please call us – anytime! We love to talk to our customers, unlike some companies who don’t even answer the phone. We firmly believe this is one of the key benefits of working with InstantCard.

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• Outsourcing

In-house printing comes with hidden costs.

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so you can crunch the numbers for yourself.

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