How to print photo ID cards

Print technology has evolved substantially over the past 15 years.  In the past it was unfeasible for individuals to print their own photo ID cards on plastic cards, because the equipment required was only available to specialized print companies or large corporations.  However, today desktop ID [...]

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How to print photo IDs on plastic ID cards

Plastic ID card printers come in two types: dye-sublimation and thermal re-transfer.  Either one of these printers can be used to print a photo ID on a plastic card, however the quality of the dye-sublimation printing will be significantly inferior to the quality of the thermal retransfer [...]

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Why do we have photos on ID cards?

The main purpose of an ID card is to identify, with some reasonable level of confidence, the person presenting the card.  ID cards are generally used to gain access to some valuable service, such as boarding an airplane, or accessing the gym.  There is a strong interest [...]

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How to print ID cards at home with photo paper?

The typical home photo printer can be used to print a photo ID card.  Using software such as Microsoft Word, or for the more advanced user, PhotoShop.  A reasonable facsimile of a traditional Photo ID card can be made, with the dimensions available here: ID Card [...]

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How to make Photo ID Cards?

A professional photo ID card, printed on PVC plastic with an indelible, secure surface, requires specialized equipment.  While a simple facsimile can be printed on paper with a high-quality color laser printer, these will never substitute for a professional plastic ID card.  The printers required to make [...]

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Who makes photo ID cards?

Photo ID cards, or “photo ID badges,” appear to be ubiquitous. Very often we don’t even give a thought to where they come from.  When asked, the best response you might get is “the HR department”.  But someone actually took the time to format and print that [...]

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Where to get photo ID cards?

When a company needs photo ID cards, the traditional choice was to purchase an ID card printer, associated software, and supplies. The typical outlay for this investment was often over $5,000, and the equipment needed to be replaced every 3-4 years. Since ID card printing is very [...]

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