As attendees register for your event in the months and weeks prior to opening day, orders for cards are sent to InstantCard on a water-flow basis – there is no need for you to save up or batch them, since our systems handle the orders on-demand.  Using our website, or integration tools, we can receive the data directly from your registration system.  We can send these early batches out to you on a regular basis, if required.  Or we can hold them all in our office until just before the event opens.

Then, typically 2 days prior to the event start, we Fedex overnight all the badges directly to the venue.  The badges will be organized in the order you choose (alphabetical, for example, or by category of attendee) for quick retrieval when an attendee arrives and registers.  All the hassle of on-site printing, with the long lines associated with peak registration hours, are a thing of the past.