How to issue Event Badges

When Outsourcing Find a service with large format card printers.  Printing With photos/personalization: Use preregistration. You can use a service like InstantCard's individual card ordering service to have people upload their photos and information before the event. You can have badges shipped to your event or [...]

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How do Event Badges provide secure access?

Event badges are nearly always printed with information that staff will scan at access control points to determine whether the person carrying the badge is permitted to enter through a doorway or gate.  That is why event badges tend to be large-format, often 3 or 4 times [...]

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How are event badges used?

Organizers of many kinds of events provide attendees with Event Badges that typically display the person’s name, and sometimes additional information on his or her rights or privileges.  The main objective of event badges is to facilitate inter-action between attendees that do not know each other.  [...]

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Can event badges be pre-mailed?

Yes!  In fact, to save even more time at registration, InstantCard can drop-ship each badge to the home or office address of the attendee, along with a badge holder and lanyard.  We can even include additional printed materials like brochures or documentation.  That way, attendees show up [...]

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What about issuing badges to last-minute event registrants?

Of course, there will generally be a few attendees who show up without having pre-registered.  There’s an easy solution for that!  InstantCard will print up an pre-determined number of generic badges, which look identical to the pre-printed badges, except without the attendee’s name.  A simple label-maker is [...]

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