event Staff ID Card

When running an event, you often have to hire a temporary staff. It is important, for security reasons, that this staff has secure identifying credentials—especially when many members do not normally work with one another.

Recently, we’ve been contacted by event planners who have the same problem: In-house printing doesn’t make sense for events, but outsourcing comes with minimum batch requirements and slow turnaround times.

We hear you. We don’t like minimum batch sizes—It doesn’t make sense where ID badges are concerned… Who only hires employees in groups of 50 or more? (The answer is “no one.”) We also don’t like slow turnaround times—they only hurt the security of your event.

So, we have no minimum batch size and promise same day shipping. In other words, you don’t need to worry about obtaining secure credentials for that last-minute hire—a single badge will be in the mail as soon as you need it.

Also, it is very likely that you’ll need multiple badge templates for your given event. Having different designs for, say, event security and backstage passes makes it much easier to determine who is allowed where. But, this isn’t a problem—we’ll design all the templates you need, FOR FREE. Really.

So, there’s nothing to worry about when you need event badges. In the event that you need ID badges, we’ve got you covered.