Large City Background SilhouetteWhen certain organizations consider the full cost of producing ID cards, there is one major direct cost which can overwhelm the actual print cost.  This oft-overlooked cost is very important, but only to organizations with multiple locations in one geographic area, such as medium or large municipalities.  This is the cost of travel time for employees who are hired in one office, but need to travel downtown, often to city hall, to get their ID card made.

In many cities round-trip travel time is 2 to 4 hours, with a resulting cost often of $100 or more.  This can be 10 or 20 times the direct cost of ID card production. Outsourcing ID card production can virtually eliminate this hidden cost.

If you are part of an organization which has multiple office locations within driving distance of your central facility, you should consider carefully this hidden cost when evaluating whether to produce identity badges in-house or whether to outsource.  InstantCard has developed a sophisticated financial model for you to plug in your own parameters in making this evaluation – don’t hesitate to call/email to request a copy.