When some companies analyze the total cost of making ID cards, there is one key direct cost that can end up being significantly higher than the cost of the actual printing. This expense, which is often overlooked, is highly important; yet, it is only relevant to companies that have many locations within the same geographic area, such as medium or large municipalities. This is the cost of travel time for employees who are employed at one office but need to travel downtown, frequently to city hall, to get their identification card made. This is a cost that must be accounted for.

In many locations, the travel time for a round-trip is between two and four hours, and the resulting cost is frequently more than one hundred dollars. This can be 10 to 20 times the cost of producing an ID card directly. The creation of identification cards can be outsourced, which can essentially eliminate this hidden expense.

What other advantages are there to outsourcing the production of ID cards?

It is considerably more convenient to engage a company to produce identification cards for you rather than doing it yourself.

If you make use of a service provided by a third party, purchasing identification cards is as simple as making an order and going about the rest of your day. That is how simple it is to do.

Everything pertaining to the technical aspects has already been taken care of; all that remains for you to do is wait for the cards to be delivered. A growing number of businesses are becoming aware of the advantages that come with outsourcing their technical work.

  • Think about the benefits of utilising the services of a professional ID card printing company.
  • Cards for identification that are both error-free and carefully constructed
  • You will be able to devote your attention to other concerns due to the amount of time it will save you.
  • The production of identification cards is a straightforward operation that does not demand any laborious or time-consuming rearrangement.
  • The entire process, beginning with card creation and ending with delivery, may be completed in just a few short days.

You will have a far more productive workforce if you choose to outsource the creation of your ID cards. No one is required to take time away from their paid workday (or, even worse, their personal time, which also needs to be paid for!) in order to go and pick up their identification cards. Along with the time spent waiting for public transportation or driving and looking for a place to park, the time spent going through the motions of receiving an ID card can be put to much better use elsewhere. Imagine if there was an accident, the bus or train broke down, roadwork was causing major tailbacks, or something else along those lines; the person who was out of the office picking up the ID car could wind up squandering a whole day. Not only do we not have the time, but also the costs are prohibitive. At present, the costs of public transportation, as well as the costs of fuel for cars and parking charges, are extremely high.

Make your staff onboarding process easier

Even the largest companies hire staff on an individual basis from time to time. It is essential for each location to have the capacity to order single cards as they bring on each new employee, and to obtain same-day delivery for these orders. A significant benefit is provided by InstantCard’s capacity to deliver this service without calling for any staffing or overhead costs to be incurred at regional or national headquarters. Our large clients also really appreciate the certainty that all cards, given that they originate from a controlled source, will correspond to corporate standards. This is something that can be difficult to assure when cards are made in multiple sites across the country. In addition, the monthly reports that we supply, which specify precisely which cards were printed, when, and where, offer a level of corporate visibility and supervision that is not possible in any scenario using distributed printing.

Save Money

When it comes to finances, these businesses are able to save all capital expenditures by utilizing an outsourced service. This can be a significant savings when you consider the production capacity that is necessary to generate such a large number of cards in a timely and secure manner.

Because InstantCard has worked with so many large clients over the years, the company has built various tools that make it simple for large businesses to get set up. For instance, they may send us spreadsheets listing all of their office locations or all of their authorized users, and we will upload those spreadsheets when they create the account. We have the ability to create master templates that can then be mirrored at each location. This ensures that if a modification is made to the template at the master level, that change is automatically reflected throughout the business. We are able to configure users so that they have access to sites at the local, regional, or national level, depending on the extent of duties they have within the business as a whole.

If you are part of a business that has many office sites that are within driving distance of your central facility, you should carefully examine this hidden cost when deciding whether to make identification badges in-house or to outsource the task. InstantCard has built a comprehensive financial model that allows you to fill in your own factors in order to make this evaluation; if you would like a copy of this model, please do not hesitate to phone or send an email to request one.