We are gratified to note that more and more associations and membership organizations are turning to InstantCard to fulfill their membership card requirements.  Traditionally, membership cards were mailed out once a year, in a big batch, by a specialized fulfillment shop.  They would process one big file of membership data, print all the cards, and mail them in bulk.  But this does not meet the needs of most organizations, who see their members join on a regular basis throughout the year.  In today’s on-demand society, the old way of doing things no longer works.

And generally, the quality of the previous generation of membership cards was poor.  They were often paper or thin plastic, and hardly ever had a photo.  As a result, they were often relegated to a drawer and never used.

InstantCard offers the ability to produce, on-demand, a membership card that the association’s adherants can truly be proud of.  Our 30mil PVC plastic cards look and feel just like the truly important cards in most peoples’ wallets, such as credit cards and drivers licenses.  They can be ordered individually, and are printed and mailed within 24 hours.  They can be ordered by the association, or directly by the member.  The minimal cost can be included as part of the annual dues, or they can be paid for separately on order by the member.

When we mail out the cards, they are mailed to each member’s home or business address.  So the association staff has no extra work or hassle.  The cards can be mailed out with a custom-printed letter welcoming the member, or with a brochure giving the member information about the association.  We can also send out cards with custom accessories, like a custom-printed lanyard or a lapel clip, facilitating use of the card as appropriate.

We have developed a wide range of different custom programs to meet the needs of a large number of different membership associations.  It is highly likely that we can meet your needs to and allow you to significantly upgrade the quality and the professionalism of your membership cards.  Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

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