Looking to implement new employee ID cards or membership cards to impress users and actively improve your organzation? Arrange a free quote at InstantCard today.

Membership cards play an essential role in many businesses and community groups. If your company needs ID cards for its individual members, only the best service will suffice. Here at InstantCard, our on-demand printing and delivery services offer the perfect solution. 

Fast membership card printing coupled with fast deliveries

Employee ID cards have been used by businesses and associations for many years. In fact, the earliest forms of ID cards can be traced back to the Napoleonic era in France. Sadly, many companies are still guilty of persisting with antiquated methods. Now is the time to update your approach to membership card printing and delivery with InstantCard.

Traditionally, membership cards were mailed out once a year, in big batches, by a specialized fulfillment shop. They would process one big file of membership data, print all the cards, and mail them in bulk. This approach will no longer suffice because, frankly, the landscape has evolved. In today’s world, most organizations require a modern approach to reflect a situation in which new members can join – often in small numbers- at any stage of the year.

InstantCard offers you the opportunity to use an on-demand printing service that can transform your approach to membership card management. Once we have the template design for your employee ID cards or other membership card type, we can have individual cards processed, printed, and posted within 24 hours. They can be distributed to multiple business locations or end users from coast-to-coast as well.

We also use secure and fast delivery services so that all cards reach the end user in the quickest possible time. Meanwhile, each new member’s design process takes just seconds. So, you can complete a bulk order in a single day. 

Designing and ordering professional membership cards for your business or association has never been more cost-effective or convenient.

The benefits of InstantCard membership card services

Upgrading to a modern solution for your membership card printing services (or choosing an advanced solution if you’re new to this arena) can deliver a plethora of benefits. First and foremost, the on-demand services allow you to move away from the annual or quarterly batch printing model. 

There are a host of practical, professional, and financial benefits to be gained from choosing an advanced and efficient modern solution. Some of the key rewards are:

  • The professional ID cards leave a great first impression on the member. You only have seven seconds to get this right. The quality of the membership cards and impressive designs will achieve the desired goal.
  • Membership cards can be tailored to reflect the needs of your business or association, which can give your members another reason to feel pride in the organization and their membership status.
  • It is possible to have membership cards mailed directly to members rather than to your business premises. This will subsequently save your on-site HR team an additional admin task.
  • Cards can be ordered by the association, business, or member directly with no hidden fees. Meanwhile, the minimal cost can be included as part of the annual dues, or they can be paid for separately on order by the member.
  • Thanks to the on-demand nature of printing and delivering, it is possible to have replacement membership cards ordered without having to wait months for the next batch order.

Fast printing and delivery are particularly important as unnecessary delays can harm the opinion that people hold of the company. Whether it manifests as an employee feeling excluded from the team or as a customer losing interest in your services, the impacts can be devastating. 

Moreover, the quality of membership cards commonly used in previous generations was quite poor and epitomized by paper-thin cards and a lack of member photographs. This often meant they were relegated to drawers and made virtually redundant. Thankfully, InstantCard’s solutions make a far more powerful impact and will continue to exceed expectations for many years to come.

More than just fast printing

The ability to have employee ID cards printed and posted within 24 hours cements our place as one of the most convenient solutions on the market and we are truly gratified to note that an increasing number of associations and membership organizations are turning to InstantCard to fulfill their membership card requirements.

However, our commitment to providing the premier on-demand membership card printing and delivery service isn’t just about our rapid turnarounds. We additionally offer free ID template design services to all clients, as well as easy online ordering that is powered by a declining prepaid balance system.

You can either upload a design yourself or allow one of our designers to create one using the templates. Following your confirmation of the design and the necessary data fields, filling in future membership cards is as easy as inputting a member’s info (and photo) before submitting the order. We will do the rest to ensure that the printing takes place within 24 hours, often resulting in users receiving their cards within 48-72 hours.

Membership cards should play an important role in your business, not least because advanced modern solutions can achieve many wonderful things. Nevertheless, you cannot afford to let them become a source of distraction from your main business goals and objectives. The cost-effective and convenient solution offered by our experts enables businesses to tap into the full potential of modern solutions.

Modern membership cards solutions 

It’s one thing to have membership cards printed and delivered quickly. However, the technology that powers membership cards has evolved at a rapid pace in the digital age. Many of the features help new employee ID cards stand out from the crowd for members. Some of the key elements include:

  • Barcodes,
  • Mag stripes,
  • User photos,
  • Holographs, 
  • QR codes.

The thick PVC cards can match the quality of credit cards and other items that take pride in a person’s wallet or purse. Membership cards will create the desired impact and provide a range of functional possibilities for all users, whether they’re employees, customers, or advocates of the association.

Even with our fast deliveries, all cards are guaranteed to be produced to the very highest standards. For even greater results, they can be accompanied by welcome packs and letters. 

Efficient cards that offer instant benefits for businesses

Thanks to the plethora of data stored on the membership cards, businesses can see a range of benefits from using our ID cards. Better still, the fast deliveries and easy setup enable companies to tap into the key features with immediate effect – even when cards are mailed directly to the member. 

As a business owner or membership group leader who has implemented modern ID cards, you’ll be able to:

  • Track a wide range of data relating to the employee, such as when they signed in or out of the office building. Better still, this info can be automated and presented with spreadsheets or a range of integrated programs.
  • Easily differentiate between departments or workers at different rungs of the ladder while simultaneously creating a fair and inclusive working environment for all relevant employees.
  • Update the digital software suites and data features linked to ID cards as technology evolves without ever needing to replace the IDs. This means the membership cards offer great value for money.
  • Deactivate a card from your online database or HR software, thus ensuring that the physical card will no longer scan. This can be very useful when employees leave your business and can be completed by admin teams within seconds.
  • Update authorization to allow or deny access to certain areas of the business, including secure physical locations and digital environments alike. Credentials can be added or removed as deemed necessary. 

Furthermore, the physical membership cards can be integrated with digital ID cards to provide a single solution that supports users and businesses in both real-world and virtual arenas. 

When are membership cards needed?

While membership cards are primarily used as employee ID cards as a way to prove their credentials when walking around the business premises, they can be used for a wide range of purposes. Additional examples include but are not limited to:

  • Contractor ID cards
  • Visitor ID cards
  • Gym membership cards
  • Fan club membership cards
  • Student ID cards
  • Store loyalty membership cards

Membership cards could be used for staff members, on-site visitors, clients, donors, advocates, and more. Whether ordering membership cards for a single venue, a multi-site organization, or ahead of an event doesn’t matter. The combination of professional designs, advanced underlying tech, and modern approach to printing and delivery makes InstantCard the obvious choice.

Making the most of modern membership cards

When updating your approach to membership cards, partnering with a company that is capable of helping you unlock an array of immediate and long-term benefits is essential. The great thing about our quick and efficient services is that we can help you replace your outdated systems and supply membership cards that integrate with modern tech solutions for all relevant members within a matter of days. 

Once your account is set up, you can store various templates to ensure that future membership cards (whether it’s one or 10,000) can be created and delivered with ease. Better still, having been in the industry since 2007, we don’t only understand the latest capabilities of employee ID cards. Crucially, we understand our clients too, and pride ourselves on delivering the world-class solutions you crave.

We have developed a wide range of different custom programs to meet the needs of a large number of different membership associations. It is highly likely that we can meet your needs and allow you to significantly upgrade the quality and professionalism of your membership cards. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

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