Our largest clients have hundreds of sites, all set up to order their photo ID cards through InstantCard’s cloud-based ID card ordering service. These are companies with tens of thousands of employees. What are the advantages for large multi site corporations to outsource, rather than produce cards in-house? While costs are a factor, and outsourcing is nearly always cheaper than in-house production, its actually the service which is nearly always the deciding factor. The ability for any site to order single cards, as they on-board new employees, and receive same-day service, is crucial. Our ability to provide that service without involving staff overhead at regional or national HQ is a major advantage. Our large clients also greatly appreciate the guarantee that all cards, since they come from a controlled service, will conform to corporate standards – something which is difficult to ensure when cards are produced in different locations across the country. And the monthly reports we provide, which detail exactly which cards were produced, where and when, provide corporate visibility and oversight unavailable in any distributed printing scenario. Since we support all sites, large and small, everyone throughout the multi site organization gets equivalent high-quality service, whether they work at a large factory or in a small local sales office.