card samplesInstantCard has long offered a service to print custom ID cards, each with a photo, to be mailed out individually to the home of the cardholder. While we all have various cards in our wallet, most of them don’t have our photo. But think about it – those which do bear our picture, like a driver’s license or a student ID card, simply seem more important and carry more weight. InstantCard makes it easy for organizations which might not have otherwise produced a photo ID card to do so. Alumni cards, membership cards, club cards, training cards, and others which would otherwise carry just a name and number can now be produced with a photo. All you need to do is put a simple link on your website, and we do all the heavy-lifting: photo upload/cropping, mailing instructions, even payment via PayPal!

With the widespread use of smartphones and digital cameras, everyone has a number of suitable photo of themselves easily at hand. We provide various simple ways for organizations, or for individuals themselves, to upload and crop an ID photo. Schools, sports leagues, professional societies, and other groups can now easily provide id cards of high quality that each holder will be proud to carry.

We can send out the cards in a brochure/information pack, or with an custom-printed letter welcoming the new member to the organization.  For some customers, we include accessories like a lanyard, a clip, or a badge holder.  Just ask us to see if we can meet your organization’s unique requirements.