7 reason why outsourcing ID badge printing make more sense than buying a ID Card printer in house

Nearly all of our clients evaluate whether they should print their own ID cards, on specialized in-house printers, or use an outsourced service like InstantCard. This involves a number of considerations, including delays, quality, technology, staffing, and of course costs. Just like “make-or-buy” decisions in so many areas, there is a strong trend toward outsourcing non mission-critical activities. But even so, the cost of outsourcing must be financially justified.

  1. Cost Savings: Buying an ID badge printer, the necessary software, and all the materials can be expensive, especially for small companies. When you outsource, you only pay for the actual badges you need. This also means you don’t need to worry about maintaining or replacing expensive equipment.
  2. Time Savings: Printing ID badges can be time-consuming. An outsourced service takes care of all the printing and shipping, leaving your employees free to focus on more important tasks.
  3. Professional Quality: Outsourced services typically have high-quality equipment and experienced staff, so the ID badges they produce are often of a higher quality than what can be made in-house.
  4. Up-to-Date Technology: Badge printing companies stay current with the latest technologies and security features. This ensures your ID badges are as secure and functional as possible.
  5. Scalability: If your company grows quickly, or if you need a lot of badges in a short time (for a conference, for example), an outsourced service can easily handle the increased demand. On the contrary, if you had an in-house printer, you might struggle to produce large quantities in a short time.
  6. Ease and Convenience: With a service like instantcard.net, you can design and order badges online and have them shipped directly to your office. It’s a simple, hassle-free process.
  7. Less Wastage: Since you order only the number of ID cards you need, there’s less wastage of card materials compared to running an in-house printer where you may end up with extra supplies.

While there are benefits to in-house printing, such as more immediate control and potentially faster turn-around for small quantities, for many businesses the advantages of outsourcing outweigh these points.

In order to help our customers evaluate the costs of making their own badges, vs using an outsourced service, we have developed a sophisticated financial model encompassing all the costs of each alternative, which can be found here:

Make or Buy Interactive Calculator

If you are considering whether it makes more sense for your company or agency to produce cards in-house, or to outsource, then you should definitely reach check out the calaculator above!

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