It’s time to clear the air, to be frank about what it is we do here at InstantCard. I know many of you think we’re ID card printers. And, admittedly, we probably encouraged that misconception. But, as is often the case, the burden of truth has proved too heavy and it’s time to come clean—we’re actually a full fledged ID card service. (Boy does it feel good to get that off of my chest!)

Yes, we print ID cards. But, we are also software developers, graphic designers, web developers, and a host of other things required of a complete ID card service provider. Perhaps you are unaware, but we developed all of our cloud-based software ourselves, in-house. This was the only way to ensure that our clients could get exactly what they needed from and online ID badge service.

From our back-end managing your accounts and designing your templates, to the portal you use to order cards—we know it because we made it. Recently, in fact, you may have noticed some updates when you last logged in (if you’re already a client, of course. If not, might I suggest our ID Badge Printing). This update was not only based on our needs, but your feedback. We’re always trying to minimize the hassle in ID card printing.

So, “why,” you might ask, “this sudden admission that you’re not simply a printer?”

We’ve had a few conversations with would-be customers asking us what advantage we present over our “competitors.” The problem is that most of our “competitors” are either printers, not offering the same range of services; or they end up trying to sell you an ID card printer replete with the gift of troubleshooting jammed cards.

We promise that template design will always be free, that there will never be a minimum batch size, and that we will always guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We’re a service after all, and it is you whom we are serving.