In many industries, it is considered “Best Practice” to require employees to wear a visible employee ID badge at all times. This allows a company to verify that everyone on site has been appropriately vetted and is authorized to be present. ID badges also make it easier to identify people by their names and roles, allowing for anyone on-site to quickly understand who is who and their responsibilities.

However, some industries require staff members to perform physical tasks which can be more difficult to perform safely when wearing an ID badge. If the employee badge is worn on a lanyard around the neck, then care must be taken to avoid it getting tangled in machinery or interfering with manual operations. Lanyards can be unwieldy and are liable to dangle away from the wearer’s body, making them easy to get caught up on anything from door handles to machines. Even if an employee escapes from an incident without injury, a lanyard caught in an essential piece of equipment could delay or halt operations for the day or even longer.

For workers in transportation, logistics, or operations their activity is often incompatible with a lanyard, which is the most common way of displaying an ID card. There have even been warnings about the danger of wearing an ID card while driving, as they can prove dangerous in an accident. And yet, lanyards are a popular option when an ID badge holder is needed in these industries because they enable the card to be clearly displayed and repositioned when it needs to be shown to anyone in person or scanned.

Some activities are easier with “hands-free” because it’s not easy to juggle other tasks while reaching for an ID badge to show someone. ID badge holders can put ID badges on display when worn around the neck, on the belt, pinned to the chest, or anywhere else where they are visible and easily read. However, some types of badge holders will require workers to stop and hold out their cards, which can be inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous.

Alternative ID Card Holders for Safe Working

badge in armband holdersFortunately, there are numerous alternative accessories available to allow the easy display of ID cards, without jeopardizing safety. With several options available, you can choose a style that works for all employees and that health and safety officers are happy with too.

One simple solution is the “zip-reel” or “yo-yo”. The reel contains a spring-mounted, retractable string to which the ID badge is attached. It can be easily used when required and returns to a safe position at the belt or waist when not needed. This is particularly handy, for example, when employee badges need to be swiped in a time clock or scan their ID card for security reasons. The reel can be consistently pulled out and retracted multiple times a day while remaining durable.

Alternatively, a clip can be used to keep the ID card from dangerously dangling. The ID card is clipped to a pocket, lapel, or belt-loop to make it easily visible, yet keep it out of the way. Some clients prefer magnetic badge holders, which are stuck to the back of the badge and have a magnetic component that holds the badge in place through the fabric of the shirt or lab coat. These types of ID badge holders won’t damage clothing, which is good news for anyone in office wear or outfits that need to be kept pristine.

But perhaps the most useful method is the arm-band. This is a clear vinyl badge holder, held in place on the upper arm with a stretchable strap. ID cards inserted in the badge holder are easily seen but never interfere with safe work practices. They are particularly effective for any physical work environments or locations where it is important for employees to have their hands free for various activities. The upper arms are usually kept further away from any machinery or possible hazards where anything could get caught, making them the perfect place to wear a necessary ID card. Arm-bands are popular with everyone from security staff to drivers, machine workers, warehouse staff, and more.

Arm-bands are kept close to the body so that there is minimal risk of them being caught on anything but they remain visible for simple identification purposes. Wearing IDs in this way also helps to keep them safer, preventing security issues. Stealing an ID card is much more difficult when the ID badge holder is worn around the person’s arm. It’s less likely to be taken off and left somewhere by the owner, and it’s more difficult for someone to take it.

Being able to choose their ID badge holder is often beneficial for staff. They may be more likely to remember and wear it if given the option of a holder that works for them. Of course, it’s important to balance this with safety, so offering the choice of a couple of pre-approved, safe options works best. At the same time, giving them an ID badge holder that can be taken on and off with ease is important. This can help to prevent security incidents that result from some employees wearing their badges off-site.

All these accessories, and others, are available for order on the InstantCard website. Our accessories range includes rigid badge holders, reinforced badge holders, arm-band holders, lanyards, clips, magnetic badge holders, and zip reels. And if you are looking for a solution that you don’t see listed, just ask as we can probably order whatever custom accessory you require. Some accessories are available in a range of colors so that they can be color-coded or matched to your uniforms or brand. Other options come in clear designs, providing visibility and an option that works for anyone, and custom colors are available too.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our ID badge holders, as well as our ID card printing services. We can help with all of your needs and keep your workforce safe.