Many InstantCard clients have implemented the capability for employees, members, or students to order their own ID cards. Using this unique service, an authorized person is directed to a secure page on the InstantCard website, displaying the company banner, to upload their own photo for their ID card. This service relieves the company or school of having to receive, process, and store 100’s or 1000’s of photos. Since everyone today is familiar with digital photo upload, and has numerous photos of themselves on their phone or computer, this is a great simplification to the ID card ordering process.

However, several of our clients requested the ability to review and verify photos before approving the card printing. We are pleased to announce that this capability is now available for any customer. After someone uploads and crops his photo, he places the order as he normally would. He can enter his mailing address, if the card is being mailed directly to him/her, and can pay online (via PayPal or credit card) if the process is configured this way.

However, before the card is actually sent for production, it is put in a queue for review by a company or school administrator. An authorized person can log on, and review each picture, then release the card for actual printing and mailing. This allows the administrator to validate the quality and veracity of the picture uploaded.

This capability has, for example, proven popular with international study abroad programs. Program administrators need to make sure that pictures submitted by each participant corresponds to international regulatory standards. InstantCard now provides an easy way to guarantee that pictures conform to specifications.

An added feature available is for the organization to receive a digital copy of the cropped photo, for inclusion in an HR or student data base.

If this feature sounds like a capability which may be of interest to your organization, call InstantCard to discuss the various options available.