Police ID badge and card with holder

Anyone who has watched any kind of crime show is familiar with the scene of a police officer flashing their badge upon arrival and announcing themselves as law enforcement. This isn’t just something you see in the movies. Police officers need to be able to identify themselves in order to ensure the people they’re serving feel safe and comforted. For these reasons, police ID cards and law enforcement badge holders are crucial for quickly and securely identifying individuals who are, in fact, law enforcement officials. 

Why Police Need Law Enforcement ID Holders

An ID badge is an essential element of a police officer’s, peace officer’s, or other government employee’s uniform. It helps members of the public to quickly recognize police officers and other law enforcement officials. Incidents of illegal conduct involving individuals impersonating an officer carrying a fake police ID have been reported over the years. Law enforcement officers can make this much more difficult by using police ID cards. Because many police badges resemble each other, duplicating them is simple. When each agency produces its own ID card design, however, the probability of offenders accurately reproducing police identity is considerably reduced. 

Information To Include On Law Enforcement IDs

You can find a variety of distinguishing elements on law enforcement and police ID cards. Specifications may vary by district or department, but below are some samples of information to include on a law enforcement ID card:

  • The officer’s full name
  • A clear and recent photo of the officer 
  • The name of the law enforcement agency or government organization they work for
  • The signature capture of the person appointing or hiring the officer, if relevant
  • Height, weight, and eye color of the peace officer 
  • The officer’s thumbprint, identifying barcode, or ID badge with magnetic stripe having a unique identifier
  • The start date of the officer’s job
  • The date the officer received the card
  • A phone number that may be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to check the authenticity of the ID card
  • The state of issuing the ID
  • The seal of the state

Holographic ID foils and overlaminates, which can be embedded in your cards or applied to their surface, are more sophisticated identity card visual verification procedures. Holograms not only provide aesthetic security but also significantly improve protection against fraudulent replication.

Holographic foils can be applied by hand or implanted beneath the surface for additional security. Similarly, holographic overlaminates may be made with conventional, off-the-shelf patterns or a bespoke hologram for maximum protection.

The Best Law Enforcement Badge Holders

Law enforcement is often out in the field, and ID cards quickly suffer from wear and tear. A badge holder can protect the ID card and also provides an air of authority. How often do you see an officer pull out a flimsy laminated ID in the movies? It’s almost always in a heavy-duty casing or leather police badge holder. So whether you’re searching for law enforcement badge holders to give to everyone on your team or just for yourself, you want a police badge holder built to endure. 

InstantCard offers a wide range of sturdy, high-quality law enforcement badge holders. These police lanyards and badge holders can assist you in everything you need to accomplish to keep local and statewide populations safe.

  • Standard Rigid Badge Holders

Sturdy, durable, and straight to the point, this police badge holder comes in a variety of colors. Agencies may purchase them in either a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) configuration. They’re made to let the ID card slip in and out of the holder with ease while keeping it safe and visible. If necessary, custom-colored badge holders can be ordered.

  • Reinforced Badge Holders

Clear, strong plastic is used to make this classic law enforcement badge holder. They have a transparent plastic front that protects the ID card’s front and back. You may purchase them in either a horizontal (landscape) or a vertical (portrait) arrangement. The officer can slip the ID card into and out of the holder with ease.

  • Armband Badge Holders

Constructed with transparent, durable vinyl, these are durable armband badge holders. Police department emblems are held in place by a broad elastic black strap. The ID card slides in and out of the holder with ease, and the vinyl bag protects the ID card from the elements. Officers who are active in the field and need to keep their badges out of the way will find these badge holders extra convenient.

  • Lanyards

Law enforcement lanyards are by far the most common method of carrying ID cards visibly. At InstantCard, our durable police neck badge holder is available in white, black, and blue. This is a popular choice, which is why we always have them on hand for immediate delivery.

  • Clips

For individuals who prefer not to wear their ID cards around their necks or on their arms, these clips provide an authoritative and straightforward method to display IDs. Clips make it simple to attach IDs to pockets, belts, and uniform lapels without causing damage to the garment. These are arguably the most popular and least expensive ways to affix a badge.

  • Magnetic Badge Holder

Officers can display their ID cards on their clothes without pinholes or damage to the fabric by using magnetic badge holders. With a powerful, permanent adhesive, one part of the badge holder adheres to the back of the card. The other portion secures it in place by use of a pocket or other material.

  • Zip Reels

Superior to a police badge holder with a chain, zip reels feature a retractable cable that makes it easy to attach the ID card to a belt loop and extend the card for swiping to enter a facility or for quick identification. Chain badges can get tangled or heavy, while zip reels are light and keep the ID from swinging around and ensure it stays secured in place.

ID Badge Printing For The Whole Station

Law enforcement should focus on one thing and one thing only: to protect and serve. Dedicating time and resources to non-essential operations detracts from that mission. That’s why InstantCard created an easy-to-use, web-based solution to make creating ID cards as simple as possible — no more in-house ID printing hassles. Simply select an ID card template, fill out the required information, and upload the officer’s ID card photo. This information is automatically entered into the template, guaranteeing consistency. 

Get the identification cards you need, when you need them. With InstantCard, you don’t need to order in bulk. Our online system was created with orders for single ID cards in mind and offers durable law enforcement badge holders for any officer’s preference. Contact us today to learn how your department can benefit from our services. 

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