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Simple Solutions to Make your Employees look like Pros

In our service economy, expectations are higher than ever concerning the professional conduct of employees. Even a minor infraction, like chewing gum at the wrong time, can lead to lost business.
Here are 12 suggestions to help you review whether your company is doing all it can to ensure that every time a client is in contact with a staff member, that interaction is positive and professional.
Not all of the following suggestions apply to every business, but most companies will find at least one or two suggestions worth pursuing.Check them out here!
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Reminder: How to check if and when your cards have been ordered.
Many clients want to make sure that the cards they submitted for print were successfully received by us. You can confirm that your order went through by looking at the printer icon to the right of the individual’s name. If the printer icon is still grayed out, it means that this particular card has never been ordered before. If the printer icon is blue, it means that we have printed and mailed out this card. You can click on any of the blue printer icons to show a detailed print history for a specific person.