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Order Cards From Your Website

InstantCard offers a full set of APIs which allow clients to integrate card fulfillment with their internal processes. Orders placed via the APIs are integrated into our daily workflow, and sent out under our same-day, money-back guarantee policy, just as if they had been manually submitted through our website. But this allows the cards to be ordered as part of another process, such as bringing on-board a new employee, or registering a new member at a website.

Typically, the APIs are integrated with either (a) a back-end system, like HR/personnel management, or (b) a website handling, for example, member management. But the options are broad: we have, for example, clients who send their orders via the API when a student completes a training course, or when a new insurance client is accepted for enrollment. The InstantCard API is based on REST, a standard which all webmasters are familiar with.

There are many options built in to the InstantCard card ordering service. For more information on InstantCard web services, click here.  Please contact us to discuss how web services can facilitate your photo ID card fulfillment process.

Now Individuals Can Order Their Own Cards

We have a number of clients who want to allow authorized individuals to order their own cards, via the web, without having to take up administrative staff time. We offer an easy-to-use service to allow exactly this capability to, for example, online schools/universities/professional degree programs who wish to issue student ID cards to their remote students, or training programs who wish to allow their graduates to order credential/qualification cards.

We give you a simple link to put on their website, allowing authorized individuals to click to order a card. They are then taken to our website, where they see your banner.  After entering any further information required, he/she uploads and crops his preferred photo for the card, and sees an image of the card, as it will be printed, displayed on the screen.

The card is printed and mailed within 24-hours. The individual, and the client, both receive email confirmations with an image of the card to be printed.

One option includes the printing of a personalized letter to accompany the card. Another option allows each individual to pay for the card they’re ordering at the time of order.

This service removes many of the headaches associated with producing student and member cards.

Message from the President

Thanks to you, our clients, 2013 was a banner year for InstantCard.  We set new records for numbers of clients and numbers of cards produced.  We saw a steady progression in activity throughout the year, as more of you recognized the value of our online photo ID card service.

We are particularly pleased to see the growing number of companies using advanced card technologies to open doors, log on to networks, clock in and out, and track activity.  Last year we launched our unique Credential Verification Service (C.V.S.), which allows the display of training records and qualifications on any smartphone or tablet, after simply scanning the QR code on the card.  We expect a significant ramp-up in the use of that service during the coming year.

I want to wish you a very successful 2014, and look forward to hearing from you about any enhancements we can make to our services to better serve you.

David Finkelstein

[email protected]

Considering barcodes?

InstantCard can help you implement any kind of barcode on your ID cards – and we never charges for barcode printing. You can even have multiple barcodes on your cards to meet different needs. We are experts in card technologies, and can help you choose from the dozens of available barcode symbologies. We’ll help you decide whether 1-D or 2-D barcodes make more sense, and how they can be best deployed.

Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your specific needs for time & attendance, logging in/out, transactions processing, or whatever!

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