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InstantCard’s April 2014 Newsletter

We want your feedback!

InstantCard is always interested in receiving your suggestions for additional ways we can enhance our online services to better meet your needs.
In an effort to ensure high-quality feedback, we have engaged an independent 3rd party service to check with our customers, on a regular basis, on how we’re doing.

That company, TrustPilot, may be asking for your feedback in the future, and if so we hope you’ll provide honest, useful feedback. 
We are extremely gratified that in the first three months of running the service, our approval rating, as confirmed through the TrustPilot review verification service, is 9.1 (out of 10).  
See our reviews for more details.

If you would like to leave a review but have not received an invitation, please let us know.
Thanks for the great feedback, and we will keep trying our hardest providing the best service we can!

Consistent, professional photo ID cards for franchisees

An increasing number of franchise organizations realize that it makes sense to offer franchisees an easy way of producing professional photo ID cards. The franchisor can ensure consistent branding and best-practices, while easily providing a low-cost, added-value service as part of the franchise package.

We allow each franchisee to order cards for their staff on-demand, using our pay-as-you-go accounting system. The franchisee has no upfront capital costs, and doesn’t waste time trying to figure out his own home-grown solution.

Where employees visit clients’ homes or offices, ID cards enhance professionalism and reassure the customer. The cards help differentiate from local “mom-and-pop” organizations. Our clients include national franchises in the cleaning, health care, home services, and professional care industries. If your business uses the franchise model, give us a call to discuss your organizations specific needs and requirements!

Additional Address Storage Options

InstantCard has always allowed companies to set up sub-accounts, so cards for regional offices are ordered separately, accounted for separately, and mailed directly to remote sites.  Now, we’ve added the capability to store a list of recurring addresses where cards are mailed.  This avoids the need to re-enter addresses with each batch order, where separate site accounting is not necessary.  This is now a standard option on the check-out (“Print Cards”) screen – just enter a drop-ship address, choose “save address for re-use”, and that address will be available for retrieval on any future order.  This feature was added at the request of our customers – please don’t hesitate to let us know any new features you think would enhance the InstantCard service.

Update to the InstantCard Homepage

Have you noticed that our homepage has changed?  We’re working on improving your online experience, making our website more in line with the latest “best practices” in cloud-based services.  In the weeks ahead, you’ll be seeing a number of enhancements to our website.  We think you’ll like them – please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback.

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