A growing number of franchise firms are coming to the conclusion that it makes good business sense to supply its franchisees with a straightforward method for manufacturing high-quality photo identification cards. The franchisor is able to quickly provide a low-cost and added-value service as part of the franchise package, while at the same time readily ensuring that best practices and consistent branding are maintained.

Order your professional photo ID cards for franchisees as and when you need them

 Because we use a pay-as-you-go method of accounting, we provide each franchisee the ability to place orders for employee cards whenever they see fit. The franchisee does not have to pay any initial capital costs, and he or she does not have to waste time attempting to develop their own in-house solution. 

Just like a postage meter system, you top up your account and when you need a new photo ID card, whether it is one or 100, you just upload your template or get one of our professional designers to create you one for free, add in the employee details and order! For all orders placed before 4pm, we offer same-day shipping so that your franchisees can be up and running straight away!

Why should your franchisees use photo ID cards?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your franchisees should use photo ID cards.

They look professional

ID cards elevate the professionalism of the staff who travel to the homes or offices of clients and instil a sense of confidence in the client. 

The possession and display of a security ID card makes it abundantly evident that the bearer is an authorized representative of the affiliated company or organization. Because of this, a sense of trust will be established with any new clients, and positive interactions will be encouraged. It will also assist raise the confidence of your personnel, making them better able to properly represent your brand.

They help with building a rapport with customers and other employees

The best option for franchise companies that provide their services at the location of their customers to identify themselves to those customers is to have their staff present their employee identification cards. Building a stronger rapport with someone and increasing their individual accountability both benefit from giving a face to a name. Also, in large franchise operations where there are a lot of employees, ID cards make it easier for those employees to recognize one another and get along better with one another because they do not have to battle to remember each other’s names.

They can help boost morale in staff

There is a good chance that the employees at your firm would not appreciate a standardized dress code that was implemented in an effort to make the business appear and feel more like a team. Fortunately, we do not need to resort to the use of uniforms in order to achieve the same result as we can with ID badges.

If the employees of your firm wear items that have the company emblem, it will help them feel more connected to one another and to the business. It is even possible to do this with something as inconspicuous as a name badge.

When your employees feel as though they are all playing for the same team, they will be much more eager to collaborate with one another.

They can help with marketing

ID cards are an easy and cost-effective way to market your business, which is incredibly vital for any kind of company to do because marketing is extremely crucial. Your employees will be able to provide free advertising for the organization wherever they go as long as they remember to wear their ID badges outside of the office if your ID cards and accessories, such as lanyards and holders, have the company name and logo printed on them. This is the case even if the name and logo are only printed on the ID card itself.

These cards help separate these operations from local “mom-and-pop” firms by providing more information about the businesses. Many major franchises in the cleaning, health care, home services, and professional care industries are among our clientele. If you operate your company according to the franchise model, give us a call so that we may discuss the specific demands and requirements of your organization.