door to door salesman knocking on doorWe’re seeing a significant increase in the use of Photo ID Cards for all employees who go door to door to peoples’ homes.

Our clients provide a wide range of services to homewowners: cleaning services, tree trimming, pest control, repair/maintenance, etc. Often, even in uniform, there may be a question about their “bona fides”.

We also have clients who sell services door to door: insurance agents, subscription services, trash pick-up, etc. Homeowners are re-assured when they see your representatives with a professional photo ID card.

In fact, many counties and local jurisdictions are now requiring professionals to have photo ID cards when they knock unannounced on someone’s door. This is a practice which appears to be spreading nationally.

In this day and age, with people becoming unfortunately more suspicious, a photo ID card can avoid someone having the door slammed in his face. Make it easier for your door to door personnel to be well-received by your clients by equipping them with a professional photo ID badge.