Here are a few simple rules concerning text & fonts to follow when planning the design of your photo ID badges:

  1. Clarity and readability are key – simple, non-serif fonts are generally the most easily read.
  2. Make sure the point size of the font for a given field reflects the importance of that field. The eye will be attracted to the largest printing first, so it should be the most important.
  3. Limit the number of fonts in the template to a maximum of two. You may sparingly use bold and italic variations, but you should generally avoid underlining.
  4. Check your spacing (word spacing and line spacing) to be sure there is a clear separation between words and between sections.
  5. Don’t get carried away trying to cram in too much information. Do you really need to put a full address and phone number on the front of your employee ID badges? Consider putting this information on the back.
  6. Be careful about the use of colors. Black is always the most readable and non-controversial. If you want to be more original, try to remain consistent with the other colors on your card, like those of your logo.

By following these simple guidelines, your employee ID cards will look clean and professional.