For some of our clients an ID badge is a precious investment. One that you want to last as long as possible. Just like with any other product the more use something gets the more wear and tear befalls it. It’s just the natural course of things and ID cards are not an exception to the rule. I’m here to talk today about helping preserve your ID cards for as long as you can before eventually having to replace them.

There are a few ways to help protect your badges and the first one is something that comes automatic with InstantCard cards.

1. Thermal Retransfer Printing

This is where the thermal retransfer prints the image first to a thin film, then uses heat to affix the image to the card. This method provides extra durability by making it to where the image can’t be easily scratched off of the card like in dye printers.

2. Badge Holders

Badge holders provide more than just the benefit of taking the burden of carrying your badge off of you, but to also protect it from the elements and physical

contact that may damage it. We offer two types of holders, but when it comes to durability and protecting your badge we recommend the reinforced badge holder. This badge holder fully encompasses the card to protect it on all sides. You can find our accessories here.

3. Lamination

While our thermal retransfer provides a similar effect to laminating, we also offer a lamination that we can apply to the cards to make it even harder to scratch without the use of a holder. Our laminations do also come with holographic overlays to help make the badge more secure by making them harder to duplicate. An added addition with multiple benefits. Find out more about our overlays here.