The back of your ID Card can be a great space to utilize. For any company I always recommend including an “If found” address on the back. That way, if an employee loses their ID card, it can be returned. If your ID card has to hold an exceptional amount of data then I would recommend not cluttering the front and pushing some of that data to the back. For instance, with police cards there is a need for demographic information. Usually this can be placed on the back of a card along with a legal disclaimer and return address. It’s really about what works best for your company.

There are times as well where a company might find it more suitable to have the front duplicated to the back. This is typically favored by those that don’t really have a lot of information and don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to flip the card in either direction, but instead the employee’s important information is always visible.

We do not charge to print black and white on the back of cards, but if you want something in color then we charge an additional $.55. You can always discuss with us what you might want on the back and we will let you know what will work!