map-with-template-arrowsInstantCard has developed a full set of tools to allow our largest clients, those with hundreds of locations and thousands of employees, to manage a wide range of template needs and requirements.  Some of these features are unique to the advanced needs of these organizations, and others are useful to all clients, even single-site organizations.

For example, we have the ability to “clone” a template, ensuring that each designated location uses an exact copy of the master template.  If there is ever a need to update the master ID template, this automatically ripples through to all locations.  This capability ensures consistent branding throughout the corporation while meeting all corporate identity management and security policies.  Templates can be easily copied between locations, so a new site can be added with the same set of templates already deployed at an existing site.  Templates can be set up to use the same basic layout, but still allow for a unique element (text, image, logo, etc.) per location.  Templates can be set up for divisions, so only specified locations have access to a given badge template.

The same visual templates can be set up to use different card stock.  This is particularly useful when different locations use different access control technologies, yet ensures a consistent corporate “look and feel”.  And of course, like for all customers, each location can have as many templates as required, including site-specific templates which are in addition to the corporate-wide templates.

And the management of all of these template options can be restricted only to HQ personnel, or delegated to individual sites.  So our corporate multi-site clients can choose the level of control and management that fits their operating needs and requirements.  This is, for example, greatly appreciated by our franchise clients, which have both company-owned and independent franchise locations.

We’re confident that whatever your employee ID badge template needs may be, the InstantCard service can be configured to reflect those specifications.  Just call us to discuss your unique situation in more detail!