Perhaps you’ve already visited Credential Verification Service, and perhaps you hearing about it for the first time. Either way, right now is a great time to head over there and have a look—we redesigned the website. We feel that now the site’s design better relays the fact that the service is simple to use, while being very powerful.

For those who are reading about CVS for the first time, its worth explaining… Yes, at InstantCard our primary focus is ID badges—pure and simple. We are, however, a bunch of tech geeks. So, when a client proposed a system to integrate ID badges with online record management, we got to work. And, thus, CVS system was born. It is, in our humble opinion, the best way to both manage and access training records in real-time (with an ever-expanding list of additional features). And, since we built the cloud-based software from the ground up, it works seamlessly with the InstantCard system you already know and love. (You can read more of the CVS story  HERE.)

We understand that most companies aren’t in need of such sophisticated ID badge technology. That’s why the site is kept separate form But, now that we’ve updated the CVS site design, it might be worth a look. Also, the CVS story is a good reminder that you should always contact us with any ideas or needs you have regarding badges. Who knows, your idea might become a whole other branch to InstantCard!