USASF and InstantCard Implement Secure, Centralized ID Badge Service

Excerpt from full case study.

USASF Secure ID Badge ServiceAs the membership organization that sanctions All Star cheerleading and dance events across the United States, USASF is responsible for establishing guidelines to promote the safety of its member Event Producers’ competitions.

With these competitions attracting teams from all over the US, monitoring who has access to the athletes and when became a top priority. With athlete safety in mind, USASF needed a way to ensure that only approved, vetted coaches, judges and other personnel are allowed access to secure areas at events.

Enter InstantCard

USASF reached out to InstantCard to implement an ID badge service that would allow the organization to limit backstage access at competitions to individuals registered with and approved by the USASF.

InstantCard worked with USASF to create a centrally-managed ID badge ordering system. USASF implemented the InstantCard API, which allowed them to connect the InstantCard badge ordering platform to member accounts on their website.

The InstantCard API allowed USASF to implement a self-service badge ordering system, while still maintaining full control and oversight of the program. With the API, only approved, vetted members can access the badge ordering system, preventing fraudulent orders.

Ongoing Partnership

The USASF ID program has become the accepted standard for all backstage access at USASF events.  The badges allow coaches and other authorized adults the ability to freely access backstage areas where they are needed.

“Because we are working with children, safety is our highest priority. The ID badges let us immediately identify who is supposed to be backstage,” Bruno said.

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