police id badgeWith the growing public scrutiny of our nation’s law enforcement officers, we see more and more police departments adopting increasingly rigorous identification procedures. One small but vital component of this trend is the rapidly growing demand for professional police ID badges. Well designed, secure, fraud-resistant badges are one further step in re-assuring the public when an officer steps in.  It is an easy way to smooth the dialogue between a citizen and an officer.

For years, InstantCard has been a trusted supplier of photo ID badges to our nation’s small and medium law enforcement departments.  For more information, click here.  We are very familiar with their requirements, and have developed a unique police-specific holographic overlay for all such badges, which makes illicit copying next to impossible.

However, we are seeing an alarming trend of online services which offer to print a “police id badge” even for individuals, or without demanding any authorization. InstantCard has always required proof that our clients represent legitimate police departments before printing the first card. We would strongly encourage any authorized police representative to check carefully that the ID card supplier you choose does indeed clearly limit its services to qualified departments.  Its scary to think what might happen if just about anyone could present themselves as a police officer.  Reputation matters!