Sub-contractors on large worksites are generally required to submit, in advance, the names, identity, and qualifications of each employee they will be sending to a jobsite. The GC needs to check that all training records are in order, for each employee, to ensure safety and reduce any potential risk of liability. Traditionally this has been a fairly tedious process for an office administrator to accomplish.

InstantCard’s CVS (Credential Verification Service) makes quick work of this task. All that is required is that each employee assigned to a job is highlighted in the CVS data base. CVS will then generate an excel spreadsheet, ready to be emailed to the GC, with all required information. For each employee listed, there will be a clickable link to pull up his full, up-to-date set of training records online. GC staff can quickly confirm whether anyone doesn’t meet their requirements for the job at hand. There’s no delay, ensuring schedules are met and no time is lost looking up paper files.

The InstantCard CVS service is specifically designed the meet the needs of general contractors. For more information on the CVS service, please visit the website. There you’ll see a full explanation, including video demonstrations, of how the CVS service meets the needs of the construction industry. Accessed via a simple plastic photo ID card, each workers’ training and qualifications can be immediately pulled up.