ID Cards For Employees Who Go Door To DoorDo your employees perform services at clients’ homes? Do they make sales calls to homeowners? Do they install and/or service equipment in residences? Do they provide consultations or assistance to people at home?

If so, they’ve all confronted the fear of someone reticent to open their door to a stranger.  Each new day seems to bring yet another news article which further raises concerns about personal security.   Yet your business depends on establishing immediate trust and confidence before being welcomed into their homes.  In the past, driving a company vehicle, or wearing a company uniform, was enough to allay any concerns there may be.  But today, new measures are called for.

One of the easiest and lowest-cost methods of reassuring a homeowner is with a professional ID badge.  If your representative can flash his or her Photo ID Card, which prominently displays the logo of your company, you go a long way to allaying any initial fear or concern.  Photo ID cards are widely accepted as proof that someone is who they say they are.  Professional cards are designed to be very hard to falsify.  An ID card will immediately put your customer in a positive frame of mind, which naturally makes it much easier for your staff member to do their job.

Please call us to see how economical a Photo ID Card Program can be to put in place in your organization.