Nonprofit ID badge in holder

At InstantCard we are proud to support the good work that our hundreds of nonprofit clients do every day. We offer an automatic discount to all nonprofits, no matter how many cards they need, to show our support for the important role they play in our society.

For nonprofits, personnel identification is of the upmost importance. Representatives of nonprofits must be able to immediately reassure anyone that they are a legitimate representative of the organization. In a world where identity theft has left the majority of the population suspicious to others intentions, proper identification is a key factor for any nonprofit. Even volunteers need to reassure the people they meet of their identity and good intentions.

Nonprofit best practices now include very clear, well-enforced ID card policies. Check out our blog post 12-Point Checklist for implementing an effective ID Card Policy. With proficiency in ID Card best practices, InstantCard can help optimize your badge presence. Reach out to InstantCard to discuss the best practices and best design for your nonprofit business!

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