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InstantCard’s September 2014 Newsletter

C.V.S. – The Swiss Army Knife of ID verification!

Our customers are coming up with all kinds of interesting ways to use the C.V.S. (Credential Verification) service, including a number of uses we hadn’t even thought of when we designed the system.
As a reminder, the CVS service allows users to scan a QR code printed on each employee’s badge, which immediately brings up scanned documents linked to that person.
Some customers are attaching an emergency medical document listing key phone numbers, allergies, etc. for each employee.
We also have seen transportation companies who are attaching shipping documents temporarily to an employee’s record, reducing the paperwork associated with shipments.
Other customers are assigning photos to temp badges on a daily basis, to validate the identity of temporary workers in the field.
Please let us know some of the other creative ways you have found to use the C.V.S. service, we’d love to hear from you and spread your great ideas!

Turn your access cards into Photo ID Badges.

Is your company still using old-fashioned hard plastic access cards like these? These so-called “clamshell” cards are bulky, can’t be printed on, and uncomfortable for employees to use. We can help you make the switch to modern PVC plastic access cards, which everyone prefers because they are light and flexible. Since they can be printed on, they can double as Photo ID cards. They can be more easily worn around the neck, clipped to a pocket, or stuck in a wallet. Give us a call if you think it may be time to re-think your access control cards.

Tips for taking great Photo ID pictures

We’re often asked for advice on taking good ID pictures, since this is the number 1 source of complaints & compliments from employees.
Nowadays, nearly everyone has access to a high-quality professional digital camera, because it is built into their phone.  But that doesn’t automatically make everyone an expert photographer.
You can find a number of suggestions on taking pictures here:
However, here are the 3 most important things which will have the biggest impact on your results:

  1. ensure that when you take the picture there is even, natural lighting
  2. choose an uncomplicated background so it doesn’t distract
  3. take half a dozen shots so you can choose the best one

If you follow these simple rules, everyone will think you’re a pro!

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