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InstantCard’s March 2014 Newsletter

Professional Photo ID Cards for Eldercare: An Industry Best Practice

Many states now require healthcare professionals to wear a photo ID card.  States are just catching up with industry best practices long recognized by leading care providers as a low-cost, highly visible means of emphasizing their professionalism.

Photo ID cards clearly identify the bearer’s qualifications and the name of the organization he or she represents.  They especially make elderly patients more comfortable with their caregivers and help them remember their names. Cards reduce the discomfort of a patient needing to ask “Who are you?” or “Are you a doctor?”   And they reassure loved ones that their eldercare provider is actively promoting accountability and fighting potential identity theft.

The industry needs to combat the possibility of elder abuse through misrepresentation.   Unfortunately, as more elders choose to age in place, they become targets for scams and “snake-oil” salesmen.  Requiring all healthcare professionals to clearly identify themselves at the door is an easy and powerful method to help limit security risks.

Enhance Safety with LOTO badges

Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) is a longstanding security measure in industrial companies, and many of our customers are enhancing their LOTO programs by issued customized tags with pictures of the owner printed on them. This enhances security by ensuring that anyone can immediately relate a person to the circuit being worked on.

The custom tags provide contact information, and are especially useful for employees who work in large sites or multiple locations, like contractors, who may not be well-known to other staff members. Our LOTO tags are highly durable, and more convenient to use than the standard large-format, standard tags. Just like our photo ID cards, they are printed and shipped same-day – guaranteed. We think eventually all LOTO tags will have photos on them. In the meantime, get ahead of the curve and contact us to see how we can enhance your lockout-tagout procedures.

Have you considered NFC ID Cards?

More and more customers are realizing how beneficial NFC technology can be.

NFC cards contain a chip and an antenna, which can carry data readable by any NFC smartphone – and today there are hundreds of phone models on the market that support NFC.  The chip can be encoded with a URL, contact information, social media links, coupons . . . there are lots of possibilities!  InstantCard can help you personalize the cards to meet a wide range of requirements, whether in support of your sales staff, to be used for consumer events, or at internal meetings.  Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss how this exciting technology can be put to use in your organization.

The American Lifeguard Association is America’s most important water safety instruction organization, and every year trains more lifeguards than any other training organization in the US except one. InstantCard has been partnering with the ALA for over 5 years, and sends out individual plastic lifeguard cards to every student who passes the wide range of courses offered by the ALA, all across the country.  ALA’s plastic cards are far more durable than the paper cards issued by other training organizations.  And whereas it can take 6 – 8 weeks for other training organizations to send out their cards, ALA trainees generally receive theirs in 2-3 days!  

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