Wondering what an ID card holder is and the different types of ID holders available? Need ID badge holders for your business? Let InstantCard handle all of your ID badge holder needs. We have a variety of ID sleeves and ID card accessories, too, so we truly are a one-stop shop for all things ID related. 

Rigid ID Badge Holders 2Types of ID Badge Holders

There are many different kinds of ID badge holders out there, including:

  • Plastic ID card holder. A see-through plastic case or container used to display and wear badges. The badge holder is usually a round or square shape and has a cord, clip, or lanyard attached to allow someone to wear and display the badge holder on their person. The badge holder is also usually a little over an inch in width or diameter.
  • Reinforced badge holder. Reinforced badge holders are made from hard and clear plastic to help further protect both sides of an ID card.
  • Vertical badge holder. A standard vertical badge holder is a badge holder that you can find in a vertical portrait format, created to enable users to quickly and easily slide the ID card in and out of the badge holder while keeping it visible and secure.
  • Lanyard. Lanyards are a wonderful and convenient option for carrying an ID card while keeping the card visible.
  • Pocket badge holder. Pocket badge holders attach easily to belts, lapels, and pockets with simple clips without damaging clothing or accessories. These badge holders are one of the lowest-cost badge holder options for businesses and organizations.
  • Arm band. Arm band holders are created with strong and clear vinyl and include a wide black elastic strap to keep users’ badges in place. The vinyl pouch protects the ID card from the elements. Users can quickly and easily slide the card in and out of the badge holder. The arm band is a great option for businesses with employees that move around a lot or work outside in different weather conditions.
  • Magnetic clip. Magnetic clips enable your workers to attach their ID cards to their clothing without any damage or pin-holes. One component of the holder attaches to the back of the ID card with a permanent and strong adhesive, while the other component holds the card in place.
  • Retractable badge holder. Retractable badge holders secure and display your employees’ badges with retractable cords that attach the card to a belt loop. These holders allow users to easily swipe their cards to enter a building or for a clock in and out.

Secure Your ID with ID Badge Holders

InstantCard offers various types of ID badge holders, including standard ID badge holders, reinforced ID badge holders, horizontal ID badge holders, and vertical ID badge holders. Here are some of the differences between the different kinds of ID badge holders that InstantCard provides:

  • Standard vs. reinforced. The standard rigid badge holder enables the user or employee to easily slide the ID card in and out of the badge holder, while keeping it visible and secure. The reinforced ID badge holder, on the other hand, is created with hard and clear plastic to help protect both sides of the ID card even more than the standard rigid badge holder does.
  • Horizontal vs. vertical. Most of InstantCard’s ID badge holders come in both horizontal and vertical formats. The vertical ID badge holder is available in a vertical portrait format, while the horizontal ID badge holder is found in a horizontal landscape format.

Benefits of ID Badge Holders

ID badge holders have a number of benefits. ID badge holders make it much easier for employees to swipe their ID cards when entering a high-security office building. It can also be used for clocking in and out to log their work hours. These badge holders also help prevent users from losing their ID cards, since employees can easily keep them on their person with clips, lanyards, and more. ID badge holders also protect the cards from UV rays, which can damage and break down the ID cards over time. 

Level Up with ID Badge Accessories 

InstantCard provides a number of different badge accessories, including lanyards, belt clips, arm bands, zip reels, and magnetic clips. These accessories are perfect for employees or users that work outside or move around on a regular basis. The accessories help the employees keep the ID badge on their person and prevent them from losing their ID cards. The arm band, in particular, is great for employees that exercise or move around a lot. They can simply work outside in different weather conditions, since they allow them to keep the ID cards secure on the arm. 

If you want to learn more about the ID badge holder, then look no further than InstantCard. Feel free to reach out to InstantCard to learn more about our products and identification badge clips.