Sometimes, at the InstantCard offices, you can find one of our employees staring at a freshly-printed card while slowly turning it. It is possible that they are just inspecting the card’s quality (as we do). It is even more likely, however, that the ID badge has a holographic security overlay.

The security overlay we offer clients increases security, yes. (Good luck trying to forge that!) But, it is also really pretty. As you rotate the card in your hand, shapes appear and disappear—it’s fun to look at. We have, in fact, had some clients order it not for the additional security, but just for the professionalism it brings to the card’s look.

Of course, this isn’t the only security option we offer clients, but we think it is the prettiest. (To see more card options, have a look at our infographic.) The video above, however, doesn’t quite do the actual security overlay justice. You really have to play with an ID card yourself to see how cool it is. Feel free to call us up and ask for a sample. But, be warned! You might find yourself wasting time by just staring at the thing when you should be working!†

By requesting a sample, you accept liability for any time lost due to staring at the pretty security overlay.
InstantCard bears no responsibility for loss or production due to our cool samples.