websites linked by url Many clients want to allow their employees, members, or students to be able to order cards directly from their website. But this requires significant IT support, and often there are higher priorities for the web development team.

For these clients, Instantcard can provide you with a simple snippet of code to embed in text or a button on one of your pages. Setting up and testing this method is generally accomplished in under an hour. The “heavy lifting” (data entry, picture upload, photo cropping, etc.) is all done on the InstantCard website.

Some of the options available include:

  • The client’s banner will be displayed, to reassure individuals that they are in fact using an authorized service
  • The link is secure, allowing only people coming from your website access
  • If you want the individuals to pay for their own cards, they can be asked to pay a set amount by PayPal before the order is accepted
  • An option of verification by administrators before printing & mailing cards
  • Option of printing a personalized letter to accompany each card
  • Drop-ship options to mail to individuals’ homes, including for international mailing destinations

Of course, if you do want to implement a more advanced ID card ordering services from your website, Instantcard offers a full set of APIs (Application Program Interface) which can be programmed by your dev team or webmaster. But for first-phase implementation, or for simple requirements, this url-based link meets many clients’ needs quickly and simply!