id card with hologram increases securityAs counterfeiters get more sophisticated, and as ID cards become more common for accessing secure services, there is a growing need for anti-fraud measures to be taken to reduce the chance of illegitimate or fake copies of ID cards being made. There are a number of techniques which can be used to make photo ID cards much more fraud-resistant. These include:

  1. Holographic inlay: this is a holographic image embedded in the plastic card material, over which the printing is applied
  2. Holographic overlay: this is a clear laminate containing a unique holographic image which is applied over the full service of the card after printing
  3. Ghosted Photo: creating a miniature black & white faded copy of the photo elsewhere on the card (front or back)
  4. Microprinting: using extremely small type in various locations on the card, which can only be produced on very high-quality printers
  5. Watermark: faded background image which covers the full surface of the card
  6. Variable overprinting: printing a variable (like an employee number) partially over the photo of the individual

Of course, more advanced technologies like contactless smart cards, where the card contains a chip and an antenna, provide even further, higher levels of fraud resistance. However, there is a substantial cost associated with implementation of this technology, and appropriate readers are required wherever the authenticity of the card is being validated.

Don’t hesitate to consult us to determine your best strategy for countering rampant ID fraud!