Despite the sense that our world is becoming completely digital, it is still true that some 90% of all ID card verifications are done visually, by a person, rather than electronically, by a machine. As a result, the first and most important step to ensuring higher security of your ID cards is to make them visually distinctive and fraud-resistant, even before you address digital methods of identity verification. In today’s world, paper cards printed on an inkjet printer, and laminated in a $79 machine bought at the local office supply store, are just screaming “I’m easy to fake!”.

Simply implementing one visual enhancement to your ID cards makes it an order of magnitude more difficult to create a credible duplicate or fake ID. It is actually quite easy to implement one or two visual enhancements to your ID cards to drastically reduce the risk of identity fraud. Here are our two top suggestions for quick, easy, and low-cost ways to make your ID cards visually distinctive:

  1. Print your cards on holographic card stock which has an embedded hologram. Holograms can’t be printed on standard printers, and card stock with embedded holograms have restricted distribution.
  2. Add a second, smaller duplicate of the ID photo. Make it faded, and in B&W. These are very hard for the amateur to duplicate.

Of course, there are numerous other techniques to further enhance visual security. InstantCard offers its clients many options. But just starting with these simple steps will already go a long way toward re-assuring your staff and clients that you take their security seriously.