InstantCard offers a full set of APIs to allow our clients to integrate card fulfillment with their internal processes. Orders placed via the APIs are integrated into our daily workflow, and sent out under our same-day, money-back guarantee policy, just as if they had been manually submitted via our website. But this allows the cards to be ordered as part of another process, such as bringing on-board a new employee, or registering a new member at a website.

Typically, the APIs are integrated with either (a) a back-end system, like HR/personnel management, or (b) a website handling, for example, member management. But the options are broad: we have, for example, clients who send their orders via the API when a student completes a training course, or when a new insurance client is accepted for enrollment. The InstantCard API uses WSDL (Web Services Definition Language), a standard set of tools which most web programmers are familiar with.

There are many options built in to the InstantCard card ordering service. The API can be set up to allow individuals to upload and crop their own ID photos. Cards can be ordered for drop-shipping to individual home addresses. Cards can be printed along with an accompanying personalized letter. Individual users can be requested to pay, via PayPal, a per-set charge for each card. Cards can be mailed out with accessories like a lanyard or a badge-holder.

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We are also working on an even broader set of API functions to be rolled out in Q1 2014. So stay tuned for more information! And don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how web services can be implemented to facilitate your photo ID card fulfillment process.