Providing Print-Ready Artwork

Note: This is not the same as providing us with your own ID card template design.

Some Clients wish to send us print-ready artwork—sending us directly the images they want printed rather than working off of a template.
If you wish to print your ID cards this way, please make sure to adhere to the following guidelines.

Card Layout & Design

When designing your cards, please use the following ID card  templates to make sure your artwork is the correct size. Additionally, please take note of the bleed area (should you need edge-to-edge printing) and the title-safe area (where all of your main text, images, and logo should go). If you are unsure about waht any of these things mean, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

To read more about creating print-ready files in Adobe Illustrator, Click Here →

Card Dimensions: 2.125″ x 3.375″  |  Bleed: 0.125″  |  Safe Margin: 0.125″  |  Resolution: 300dpi

Download the PDF
Click on any layout below to get its exact specifications.

Protrait ID Card template with slot punch
Landscape ID Card template
Landscape ID Card template with slot punch

Design for Smart Cards

id card design specifications

File Type

When sending a set of print-ready card designs, please send them all as one single PDF with no crop marks. Additionally, make sure to export all text as curves.

If you are printing on the backs of the cards, please include the reverse image of each card after the corresponding front image. I.E. The “front” images should correspond to odd-numbered pages in your PDF, and the “backs” should correspond to the even numbered pages (see examples to the right).

• Single PDF
• No Crop Marks
• Export text as curves
• Backs of Cards after  Fronts

double-sided ID badge artwork
single-sided ID badge artwork



Remember, we offer professional ID template design for all clients. When using a template, all employees’ data is automatically entered into the ID card. You may, alternatively, provide your in-house artwork for your ID badge template. Then, you can easily add new employee information as needed without creating new images for each ID.

We created our system to be easy to use without any special training. Contact us to learn more if you want to know all of your options.