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InstantCard × Openpath FAQ

Do you offer discounts to Non-Profit Organizations?2021-01-20T06:54:26-05:00

Yes, we automatically reduce the card cost to the next lower bracket for any qualified non-profit organization.

Can these ID cards be used for 2-factor authentication?2021-01-20T06:53:24-05:00

Yes, smart cards are often used as an additional factor to ensure authentication when a user signs on to a system.  Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become a common method for unequivocally verifying a user’s identity.  Using ID cards for this purpose can enhance security substantially.

Will I get an email confirming each card order?2021-01-20T06:52:33-05:00

You have the option to receive a confirmation email whenever an order is placed, with tracking information.  This option can be turned on/off at any time.

Will I see an image of the ID cards before they are printed?2021-01-20T06:51:41-05:00

Yes, the system generates a full hi-resolution image of each card, exactly as it will be printed, for proofing before ordering.

We have a number of sites across the country. Can local office managers order cards directly?2021-07-13T13:59:48-04:00

Yes, this is one of the great benefits of the InstantCard system.  HQ will have visibility over the card fulfillment process, but local hiring managers will directly order employee ID badges using an easy-to-use web portal.  Each local manager will only see his/her own staff data.

Security is very important to my company. How can you enhance the security of our ID cards?2021-01-20T06:47:55-05:00

We offer several options that can greatly increase our ID cards’ security and reduce the risk of fraud or falsification, including:

  • Printing your cards on smart card (chip) cards, which can be encoded for enhanced security
  • Adding a holographic overlay covering the full surface of the cards
  • Micro-printing, which only high-quality, high-definition printers can achieve
  • Printing a ghosted and resized picture on the front or back of the card
  • Overlaying or underlaying complex graphics over variable data (photo, name, etc.)
Can you print on our Openpath cards which we use for access control?2021-01-20T06:43:31-05:00

Absolutely. Our system ensures every client’s cards are produced using their unique RFID card stock, provided to us by Openpath.  We can thereby eliminate the need for employees to carry around multiple cards (visual ID, access control, time and attendance, etc.) Our printing process does not damage the Prox cards’ chip or antenna.

Can Openpath import custom fields e.g. Employee ID or Department ?2021-01-20T06:42:00-05:00

Yes. Users on the Openpath Basic plan can utilize the externalID as a single custom field that can be imported to InstantCard. Users on the Openpath Premium plan can create unlimited custom fields, as shown here.

How do you integrate with my Openpath personnel database?2021-01-20T06:41:25-05:00

The InstantCard service provides seamless integration with data in your Openpath account.  Mapping is automatically established for standard data fields between Openpath and your custom card template.

Photos on file with Openpath are automatically imported to be printed on employee ID cards.  If a photo is not available in Openpath, it can be uploaded and adjusted separately.  All data can be imported to initialize the database, or it can be filtered based on multiple criteria.  On an ongoing basis, all changes made in the Openpath database will be synced automatically with the InstantCard database.

Do you provide support in setting up and using InstantCard?2021-01-20T06:40:50-05:00

Our free, unlimited support services include:

  • Custom template design services
  • Tutorials for editing card designs and entering in company data
  • Group training webinars to guide new users step by step through the process
  • Support via phone, email or online chat
  • Assistance in mapping data fields from Openpath to your custom template

Assistance setting up multiple field offices with local site managers

Do the cards come with a slot punch for lanyards or clips?2021-01-20T06:49:01-05:00

Yes, that is an available option. Our extremely flexible service allows you to have cards done just about any way you want them, including having slots punched into the top.

Another option is to use badge holders for ID cards. These significantly prolong the life of the badges and protect the cards from other environmental hazards. They also allow for more surface area for printing and graphics. A selection of standard badge holders are available for order on our accessories page, along with lanyards, clips, etc.

Is there a minimum number of cards per batch to avoid extra charges?2021-01-20T06:46:37-05:00


Absolutely not. Sometimes someone loses an ID card, and often there’s just one single new employee. We designed our service to meet exactly that requirement. Clients can print individual cards if necessary at the same cost as cards within larger batches. There is never a “small-batch” fee.

How long will it take for me to get my ID cards?2021-01-20T06:46:57-05:00

Our service guarantees our customers with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. As long as you submit your card orders by 4 p.m. EST, we will print and ship out your ID cards on the very same day. This is true even if you require just one single card! Each time you order, you specify how we ship the cards to you. FedEx or UPS get your cards to you overnight, while USPS will take standard postage time (generally 1-3 business days for the East Coast, and 3-5 days for the West Coast).

Does the service use pre-set card design templates?2021-01-20T06:49:44-05:00

At InstantCard we pride ourselves in making custom designs for each of our clients. We prefer to make a custom design for you to best meet your exact needs. This is a free service. If you would like to get some inspiration as to what others in similar fields have done, to give our designer your preferences, please leaf through the card gallery on our site.  Your design will be unique, based on your logo, your color scheme, and your layout preferences.

You may also upload any inspirational examples for our designers via the template design form.

Can our card design include barcodes or QR codes?2021-01-20T06:47:19-05:00

Our service can support 30 different barcode symbologies, including of course the most common ones like Code39 and Code128. Cards can have multiple barcodes on them, on either the front or the back or both.

We fully support QR codes, which can create a linkage between the physical card and the virtual cloud-based information. Or they can be used to allow scanning of contact information.

Can you encode the magnetic stripe on our cards when the badge is printed?2021-01-20T06:51:00-05:00


Our service allows you to define the contents for encoding Track1, Track2, and Track3. There is no extra charge for this service.

How durable are the ID cards?2021-01-20T06:48:43-05:00

The cards are made of PVC plastic, which – as most people trying to destroy old credit cards have noticed – is very hard to damage. These cards are much less susceptible to tears or rips that are common occurrences with laminated or standard paper ID cards. They are entirely waterproof so there is no need to worry about rain or coffee damage. They will last a very long time, much longer than laminated cards in a plastic pouch.

The print technology we use, thermal re transfer, applies the color to the underside of a clear sheet of plastic, which is heat-sealed to the bottom of the card.  AS a result, cards last much longer than the more common, cheaper “dye sublimation” printing technology.

For clients requiring extended wear, we offer two options: (a) composite cards which withstand more wear-and-tear and temperature ranges, and (b) overlaminates with a holographic inlay to enhance security and durability.

Do I have to use professional design software?2021-01-20T06:49:19-05:00


You may use whatever software you are comfortable with. Just be aware, if you are uploading a complete design, make sure that it is 1050 pixels (minimum) on the longest side. If you are unsure how to do this, don’t worry—send us what you have and our professional designers can recreate it in high resolution. (If you are using a photo background, make sure you send us the full, high-resolution photo along with your design.)


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InstantCard is an official provider of ID badges for openpath.


When your employees go out in the field, a visible ID is an easy way to allay any concerns of their identities. Each ID badge is printed on durable PVC using scratch-resistant thermal retransfer printing. Your employee IDs will look great and will last a long time, helping to reduce costs.

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