We’re pleased to the release of a new set of APIs specifically designed to allow automated updating of Credentials in the CVS (Credential Verification Service) system.

These APIs (Application Program Interfaces) are built on JSON/REST, and allow authorized users to send credential information (credential name, issue date, expiration date, and the actual credential image itself) directly to the CVS service. Data submitted are immediately available on-line through our mobile-friendly interface. As soon as a credential has been posted to CVS, it is available for viewing by anyone who scans the workers’ ID card using a QR code reader.

Images of the credential can be submitted in either .pdf or .jpg format. Records may be new documents, or they may be updates to existing qualifications as, for example, an employee completes a re-certification class or refresher course.

This new service may be used by clients who already have employee safety records stored in their HR or training data base, and wish to seamlessly link to CVS. Alternatively, other clients can have one or more of the LMS (Learning Management System) systems they use send copies of employee training records, as soon as they are obtained, automatically to the CVS service. CVS allows all qualifications from all training sources to be consolidated into one single, homogeneous record. Larger customers can also use this service to facilitate mass-conversion from current records, which may not be accessible online or from mobile devices, to CVS.

Please don’t hesitate to request the API documentation if you feel this might be useful for your implementation plans.