Kronos Time and AttendanceDoes your company track employees’ time on the job using a Kronos timeclock? If so, you are in luck. InstantCard provides full support of all models of Kronos timeclocks, allowing you to use your photo ID cards for clocking in and out.

Kronos is the leading provider of timeclocks in America, and they are often linked to online payroll services from ADP, Paychex, and similar services. For all of these, each employee merely swipes his or her ID card to clock in and out. (Even though they “swipe” the badge, its still referred to as “punching in” from the old days of punch cards!)

Most Kronos cards are blank white cards with a dark stripe on the back. Although this looks like a magnetic strip, it is actually a special barcode. We can add a 100% compatible barcode to the back of your photo employee ID badges, at no additional cost. There are many advantages to combining Time and Attendance with photo identification. First, it is less likely that employees will forget their ID if they know they need it to clock in. There is no chance of mixing up badges, which otherwise look very similar. And the chances of “buddy-punching” are further reduced.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you are considering changing your timeclock system, to be sure your ID cards are compatible and to ensure there’s no delay during the transition.