We rightfully get a lot of questions about the level of security built in to the InstantCard system.  Thousands of clients entrust us with information on their employees, and from the beginning we have strived to make sure that no data breach can occur.  We’re pleased that, in nearly 10 years of operations, no hackers have been able to breach our safeguards and access confidential data.  But we remain vigilant, and are regularly implementing updated protocols to further protect your data.

Our entire cloud-based platform is protected by industry-leading technology, whether clients access the system via the normal user interface or via our advanced API.  Your data is protected by the following services and technologies:

  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Multi-level Denial of Service (DnS) protection
  • Hosting by industry-leading AWS (Amazon Web Services) with highest security standards available
  • Multiple, distributed high-security data centers
  • Hardware-based data encryption
  • Database communications protected with IPsec VPN
  • Enterprise-grade monitoring and logging of all resources and workloads

While the above list may sound to you like quite a bit of “geek-speak”, rest assured that InstantCard will remain vigilant whenever the privacy of your data is concerned.

Our goal is to increase security though your ID badge program. It’s clear how IDs can do this where physical security is concerned, but in this age we must be equally aware of virtual security. We want you to be able to order cards anywhere, from any device, without having to worry about potential breaches. And, with the InstantCard system, that’s exactly what you get.

If you’rs not sure what any of these technologies are, feel free to contact us. We want to make sure you understand the entire service.