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It is something that we take for granted, but an event badge like a VIP pass or a media pass is something that can make for a far more streamlined operation. Event badges can be used in a variety of settings, like conferences and large-scale events, but they can provide a number of major benefits. Let’s show you what a large event pass can do for your event and beyond.

What Are Event Passes Used For?

Event passes can take many different forms. An event badge can be a media pass, a VIP pass, or a name badge in a number of different settings. From music festivals to conferences, media events or any live event that requires individuals to gain special access, having large format passes can make a massive difference. 

Event passes are crucial for so many reasons. In a conference, it’s a way for people to show who they are or the place they are going. But they can also bring about a number of little benefits on a social level. For example, VIP badges are a fantastic conversation starter because they are unique and only allow very select individuals to access backstage areas or exclusive VIP sections of events, which naturally carries a greater level of prestige. 

When people take note of someone else wearing a VIP badge, it can spark a conversation that can form great friendships over the course of that event and beyond.

What Are the Advantages of Large Format Badges?

Large format badges are used in events and conferences that offer a number of key benefits:

Improves Security

Badges like VIP passes can help in large-scale events and concerts. With a huge number of people looking to get backstage, it can be overwhelming to have security staff go through a huge number of badges to determine if the person is wearing a VIP badge or a regular one. For this reason, a large format badge can make for a better security operation. The security staff can quickly look at the badge and determine if they are permitted to be let in or not. 

Creates Different Event Experiences

One of the most common uses of event passes like VIP passes is that you can easily segregate the services according to the badge they are wearing. VIP badges in environments like concerts benefit from a number of different designs. When security staff know a VIP pass looks different from a regular pass due to its specific design, this can make the process easier to manage as they can just glance at the pass rather than taking the time to scrutinize each pass. Therefore, it can greatly benefit the event for everyone. 

Can Improve Customer Perception

Branded event passes provide a stronger entry system. Large-scale events can benefit from large format passes because it has a level of prestige over an e-ticket or paper ticket. This can make the recipient feel their event pass gives them greater access to something much more special.

Can Be a Souvenir

In large-scale events like music festivals, the addition of large format badges doesn’t just offer access to specific areas, but can provide a piece of memorabilia the recipient will treasure for years or decades to come. We live in a world where e-tickets are the easiest form of entry. People who attend festivals and concerts on a regular basis love the idea of having souvenirs in the form of large format badges or concert tickets. For the many people that go around the world, either as musicians, personalities, conference attendees, or concert-goers, having this little souvenir can be a part of a wider collection of VIP passes that can instantly transport them back to the event. In a world where people are trying to save money on paper by using e-tickets, there is a misconception about the use of large format passes being more expensive. But when it comes to ordering large format passes, the more you order, the cheaper it will be.

Why You Need Large Format Passes at Your Event

Many people look at name badges as something that is merely a box-ticking exercise. Whether it’s a VIP badge or a media badge, the fact is that if you opt for a large format pass, this is going to ensure a far more efficient operation. 

One of the common problems in trying to get into a backstage area or a VIP section is that you’ve got to show your badge and endure the scrutiny. Gaining access, from the perspective of the recipients as well as the security staff, a large format pass makes things clearer. 

It demands only a glance from security staff, allowing the queue to move along quickly and the recipient to get to their chosen destination easier. Sometimes, time can be of the essence, especially when it comes to media interviews, and someone needs to get backstage to interview a celebrity or an artist under a strict timescale. Clearly, large format passes can provide big benefits.

How InstantCard Can Help You

If you are looking for large format passes for your event, we can provide them. Many organizations overlook the importance of an event badge. But as you have seen, it can make a massive difference to an event. 

We provide a variety of services to ensure that your event badges uniquely communicate your event in a quick turnaround. All you need to do is fund your account, approve your free ID badge template, create the ID cards with your templates, and order the ID cards to be printed. 

All ID cards are shipped on the same day (for all orders placed before 4 p.m. EST), and with no minimum batch size, you can choose the number of ID cards that you need to make your event a far more special entity. It’s overlooked, but it should never be underestimated that large format passes provide a number of large and small benefits. 

If you are looking for ID cards or special passes for your event, get in contact with us today.

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