NFC Tag Sticker with NFC phone in handWe have a number of innovative clients who are printing their photo ID cards on NFC id cards. NFC cards contain a chip and antenna, and can store a wide range of different information. The most common use is to load the card’s chip with the individual’s name, address, phone, & email – ie, their full digital contact record. Then, whenever the employee wants to give someone his contact information, all that person has to do is touch his or her NFC-enabled phone to their photo ID card! Bingo, the contact information is magically transferred from the photo ID card to the phone. If any contact information changes (like if you move to a new address), the data in the card can be re-programmed in a few seconds. Programming the card from any NFC phone is a snap – there are a number of free apps available to allow you to read & edit the information encoded in the card.

This is of particular interest to sales people who meet a large number of potential clients, and want to be sure that their prospects/clients never lose their contact information – which is so easy to do with business cards! It could even be used to allow contacts to request information, or enter a sweepstakes, or receive a coupon.

Now, with hundreds of phones on the market supporting the NFC standard, we can easily facilitate the move from the 19th-century (paper business cards) to the 21st century (digital business cards).

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