CVSlogoInstantCard’s CVS (Credential Verification Service) has grown enough to now warrant its own logo and website!

We’re proud to introduce the new CVS logo, a shield which represents the way in which we protect workers through our safety enhancement program.

And as we continue to make enhancements and broaden the appeal of the CVS service, we felt it was time for the system to come out from under the wings of its parent, InstantCard. Naturally, InstantCard will continue to provide all the card production services associated with CVS. But the service is being used independently of the cards, in an increasing number of industries. In addition to the traditional core sector of Construction, which remains the most important industry addressed by the CVS Service, we now have clients in the railroad, industrial maintenance, and oil & gas sectors.

Check out the new website here.

You will see our new 2-minute introductory video, which gives an excellent overview of the service. Please keep checking back, as we will be updating this website frequently.