InstantCard has promoted the benefits of centralizing the issuance of photo ID cards for many years, generating numerous advantages for its clients that have multiple locations. Our largest customer, with 35,000 employees and nearly 200 sites across the US and Canada, benefits every day from the central issuance system: higher security, increased conformance to corporate policies, and significant cost reduction.

As a validation of this concept, the State of Maryland has now become the 30th state to adopt central issuance of drivers licenses and government ID cards (see link below). The majority of states now realize that the enhancements to security, and operational efficiencies, that are gained through a central issuance service outweigh the benefits of on-site issuance. Even large DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) organizations, with significant staffs to maintain ID card printers in each of the county offices, are hard-pressed to justify the benefits of “instant on-site” issuance. These states now mail the ID card, after proper processing, to citizens.

So, if you work for a corporation with multiple locations needing ID cards, the question to ask yourself is this: If even deep-pocketed government agencies, steeped in the business of printing ID cards at local DMV offices, are moving toward a central issuance service, shouldn’t you be considering that option as well?

See this page for more information on central issuance.

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Maryland Announcement:

MVA Continues Transition to More Secure Process of Issuing Driver’s Licenses

Here’s the summary of the article:

Learner’s Permits, Identification Cards, and Certain Driver’s License Will Now be Centrally Issued to Enhance Safety and Save Time; Cards Will be Mailed Instead of Issued at MVA Offices