Home Healthcare Group Creates Streamlined Employee ID Badge System with InstantCard

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  • LHC, a leading home healthcare company, needed a secure, centralized way to manage employee identification badges for its more than 30,000 employees across the United States.
  • LHC turned to InstantCard to implement a secure, end-to-end ID badge solution.
  • The InstantCard employee ID badge and access system is now an integral part of the employee onboarding process.


LCH Group is one of the nation’s largest providers of in-home healthcare services. Its more than 30,000 employees are entrusted with providing care to patients in home, hospice, facility and community-health systems.

Because LHC employees are working with some of the most vulnerable members of the population, it is important that they be able to quickly identify themselves as credentialed, authorized healthcare employees. For these healthcare professionals, a photo ID badge is a first step to building trust with patients.

With thousands of staff, managed by hundreds of individual franchises, located across the United States, creating a secure, uniform way of producing badges was a challenge. Leaving the task up to individual franchises resulted in inconsistent badging policies, extra costs and staff time associated with purchasing badge printers for each location, and increased burden on administrative staff.

LHC realized that they needed a centralized solution, but the process was too complex to be handled in-house. Managing the flow of communications with franchisees, with emails containing employee data and digital pictures, to be printed and mailed, cost valuable administrative staff time. Because staffing needs are both frequent and immediate, LHC needed to be able to print a card and send it out quickly and accurately, even if a location had only one new employee.


LHC turned to InstantCard to create a streamlined, centrally-managed system for issuing employee ID badges. With InstantCard, all employees are entered into a single employee database that manages the ID badge process.

InstantCard created customized templates for each location, based on a single master template that ensured uniformity across the organization. The master template ensures that templates can be easily copied among locations, so a new site can be added with the same set of templates already in use.

Templates can be set up to allow for unique elements (text, image, logo, etc.) at each location. The templates are associated with specific divisions, so only specified locations have access to a given template.

As new employees join, franchisees merely enter employee data, attach the digital photo, and the cards are printed and mailed out automatically to them. This requires no involvement of the franchise operator, other than to initially set up the program and designate the approved card layouts. Each franchisee gets the benefits of a group-wide service, at no additional cost to the franchisor.

“Franchises present a unique challenge for producing photo ID cards, since the typical franchise has many small, geographically distributed locations. The ability for online services such as InstantCard to reliably and cost-effectively handle the detailed logistics in this environment is the single most-appreciated aspect of our service,” said David Finkelstein, Founder and President of InstantCard.


LHC has been working with InstantCard since 2016. In that time, LHC has grown exponentially, adding more sites in more locations across the United States.

The centralized system makes adding new locations simple.  When LHC acquires a new franchise, they are able to create a new badge incorporating the franchise branding, while staying consistent with LHC standards. Once the new franchise template is created, the new location simply upload a spreadsheet of staff data. New cards are printed and shipped the same day.

As existing locations add new employees, they are able to order new badges that are printed and shipped the same day.

Each location is responsible for ordering badges for new staff. The InstantCard system restricts access to templates based on user credentials, ensuring that each location can only order badges for its own location.  The cards are shipped directly to the franchise and include all accessories, so they arrive ready to wear.

LHC retains full oversight of the system. InstantCard sends LHC a monthly report of all ID cards that have been produced and at which sites. They can also access the report through the secure database at any time, allowing them real-time data on individual franchises.


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