Can I take Photos for ID cards with a phone?

Yes. It is possible to take perfectly good employee ID badge photos with a phone camera. However, while the size and quality of today's phoneimages is more than enough, phones often struggle in low light. To take a good ID photo with a small sensor, make sure [...]

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How are ID Cards Printed?

There are three major options for printing ID cards: direct-to-card printing (DTR), thermal retransfer printing (TR), and offset printing (OP). Direct-to-Card Printing DTC is inexpensive and is the process often used for in-house and budget operations. Despite the price, there are several disadvantages to DTC printing. When [...]

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What size are ID cards?

The standard (CR80) ID card size is 3.375" by 2.125" (85.6mm by 54mm). The thickness of a standard ID card is 30mil. This is the same size as a standard credit card. There are other, less common, ID card size standards such as CR79 and CR100. [...]

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What are the dimensions for ID card graphics?

The minimum recommended resolution is 675px by 1050px (at 300dpi). This includes bleed for edge-to-edge printing. Should you wish to create your own ID card template design, you should create an image that is at least 675 pixels on the short edge and 1050 pixels on [...]

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What are employee ID cards made of?

Employee IDs are typically printed on standard PVC plastic card stock. This is the same card stock used for standard credit cards. IDs may also be printed on composite card stock, which is slightly more durable.

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