COVID-19 ID Cards2021-01-04T11:23:46-05:00

COVID-19 ID Cards

COVID 19 ID Card

Essential Employee ID Cards

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been prioritizing critical infrastructure businesses. In the case of lock-downs, we have been providing special “essential employee” ID card templates. Often, these are the same as a company’s standard employee ID, with an added notice of “COVID-19 Essential Employee.”

If you are a current client in need of ID cards indicating Essential Employees during the Coronavirus pandemic, please email [email protected], and we will make a special essential worker ID template for free.

If you are a prospective client in need of COVID 19 Employee ID badges, please sent an email to [email protected] after signing up so that we can prioritize you if capacity happens to be strained. You should be able to start ordering COVID ID Cards online within a few days.

For more info about our poliy on ID cards during COVID-19, please see our blog post.

COVID-19 ID Card format

If you have any questions about formatting your ID cards to meet the requirements of authorities, or whether your company falls within the guidelines, don’t hesitate to call us on our toll-free line, or contact us through our contact form.

CR80 standard ID card size

Do you make essential employee ID cards?2021-01-04T09:01:40-05:00

If you are already a client, let us know if you need a special “essential employee” ID card template made.  We will create a COVID ID template free of charge that you can use in your client portal.

If signing up for the first time, you can email [email protected] and indicate that you are a critical infrastructure business, so that we can prioritize your account set-up. If only some employees are “essential,” let us know so we can make two different templates when setting up your account.

What is a COVID ID Card?2021-01-04T09:05:33-05:00

Certain essential employees need to work on-site during the pandemic, even during lock-downs. For this reason, it is important that such employees carry ID cards that indicate they are essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, this is a standard employee ID with an additional notice that indicates that said employee is essential.

We will add such a notice to your current template for free, allowing you to easily order COVID ID cards for appropriate employees.

What is the COVID-19 ID Card Format?2021-01-04T09:11:07-05:00

ID cards for COVID-19 are typically the same as standard “CR80” ID cards (the same size as a credit card). The only difference is that they indicate that the employee is essential during the pandemic. The CR80 dimensions are 3.375″ by 2.125″

CR80 standard ID card size

What is an Essential Worker ID Card?2021-01-04T09:21:11-05:00

An essential worker ID card is an employee ID that indicates that the wearer is needed on-site, even during a pandemic. Often, in the case of medical staff and hospital workers, these employees are instrumental in fighting the pandemic. In these cases, it is important that they have an ID which clearly identifies them as essential, should they be stopped by law enforcement during a lock-down.

iHeart MEdia Coronavirus ID Card

Can you make me a COVID identification Card?2021-01-04T09:25:49-05:00

At InstantCard, we specialize in printing professional ID cards for companies. We can make special COVID essential employee cards for businesses of all sizes. However, we do not print COVID ID cards for individuals at this time.

If you are an individual who needs special permission during a lock-down, you should ask your employer to provide special identification.

Do you make ID Badges for media and press?2022-10-27T12:27:32-04:00

We provide professional, durable IDs for media, press, and events. Our press ID badges are made of durable PVC plastic and printed with scratch-resistant thermal retransfer printing for durablity & security.

Let us know if you need a temporary, new press ID card template to stress the fact that you’re a critical company. Contact us & we will work to get you another ID card template ASAP.

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